We Are

Bunch of developers , learning and showing off skills. If you want to learn and do live projects using any of the technology you just have learnt, join us. Learn and finish the trails and obtain an easy certificate. Once you have finished the certification, we shall contact you for live projects.

What you get

Learn paid courses for free from very enthusiast programmers who has already done all the hard work of assembling the just required thing for to start coding.

You can obtain a certificate at the end of the course if you would like to .

Meet the Team


Saptarshi Misra,

Technology activist who does a bit of everything and enjoys sharing knowledge. Saptarshi has over 5 years of coding experience from BIG companies like IBM, SAMSUNG, etc .


Arijit Chatterjee

Primarily a Node JS developer by profession, Arijit had wide experience in developing code and owning big chunk of applications from big companies like IBM,Accenture etc .Arijit enjoys to learn new stuffs and enjoys sharing the knowledge to others. Join him



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