Let’s learn Spring security


What is Spring security?

Spring security is an authentication and authorization framework provided in Java. Therefore it’s really easy to implement the feature which is provided by default with the Spring framework.
And thus the features of Spring security framework are as followed.

  1. It provides seamless integration with the Java Servlet API
  2. We can configure security with Spring MVC or Spring boot
  3. It provides us with all the implementations like CSRF, session fixation or clickjacking etc
  4. Spring security has many more features which we will discuss in a future post.

Besides the difficulties of adding security in any Java project, it has received great acceptance in the industry.
Therefore we are going to see, how we can introduce Spring security over the course of a series of posts.
To demonstrate all the features, we shall be forking a demo project that was developed during our tutorial on Spring MVC. I shall fork a different branch for this series.
Now we will jump into the tutorial series, we will be discussing from the beginning until you get an expert level idea on this subject.
Therefore on the next page what I am going to discuss is  -> how to get started
For a detailed reference on Spring’s security feature, we may also refer to the official documentation page.

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