Part 2-Spring MVC project with eclipse continued

Now click on the add button to add the war and click on finish

By default, Eclipse runs the managed tomcat on port 8080.


  • But if you have any other application running on your local like “Jenkins” which also by default runs on port 8080, then you would have to modify the port of your tomcat server. To modify the port → double click on the server and then select port. I usually modify the HTTP port to be 8081. As I already have another tomcat running, I modified the shutdown and AJP ports as well
  • Also, modify the default timeout which is by default set to 45 seconds. I usually set the timeout to be 4500 seconds to be on the safer side.


Now start the server by right-clicking on the server and selecting start



You should see that tomcat has started


If you see any error on your project, you would have to optionally update the maven project like below.



Then select force update of snapshots/releases and click ok

All errors should be gone and server should automatically restart.


Now right click on your index.jsp file and run it on the server.

Select the Apache server which is already running on your localhost.and click finish

You should be able to see Hello World is shown on your browser.



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