Speech Recognition with Python

Hello readers. Here I am, bringing you more interesting tutorials in Python. Today we take a look at Python speech recognition! I will be working on Google Colab. Initial imports…

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Eye-tracking neural network in Python

This article will help you design an eye-tracking neural network in Python on your own. There have been many new deep neural networks in recent years. But due to a…

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Linear Algebra Basics for Data Science

liner algebra for data science

Linear algebra is an expansive subject. But I’m going to try to cover the required pieces here that will help you get your journey underway. System of coordinates in linear…

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Data Science – An Introduction

data science course

Hello, readers. Before we dive deep into ML algorithms and dataset manipulation, it is imperative to quickly go over the basics. This is kind of a roadmap explaining the various different components…

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Predicting the US elections 2020 – a machine learning approach

Hey, how’s it going readers? As an introduction into the field of machine learning and data science, I thought it would be the perfect time to try and apply it…

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